Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Cat’s Nose

It is funny how the mystery of the cat’s nose has been ignored. Nevertheless, had you the ability you would have this jocose fact entered in the Guinness Book of Records. It is the cat and not any other animal that has the most fascinating nose than one would imagine. Yet that they have lived amongst mankind, this spectacular feature has never had a lot of attention drawn to it.
Here is an opportunity to explore the fun in a cat’s nose. The comedy of the nose ranges from its naming, natal development functions and appearance. It is interesting how for each limb of these there is something very mystical about the cat’s nose.
Names are more meaningful than mere identity, so are some of the names that identify with the cat’s nose. They suggest something. The naked skin on the nostrils is called “nose leather”. Surprisingly it is this part and the genitals of a cat which are the only exposed parts of a cat without fur. The name nose leather as it suggests explains the leather cover of their nose. This has been used to make a funny statement that a cat wears leather in all seasons.
Among the senses that the cat is born with on the first instance is the sense of smell. It is a natal sense connecting the mother and the kitten. This natal development of the cat’s sense of smell enables the kitten to know the mother and distinguish her from the other cats.
The nose of the cat is also surprising for its unconventional functions. While the functions of nose are known for the ordinary sense of smell, it is quite different from the cats. Their noses are developed for quite unfamiliar functions. One among them is the function of exchanging greetings. This king of greeting is called Feline greeting. It is amongst the features for the animals in the feline genera of biological classification. They sniff, mutually as if saying “Hello brother”, “Hello sweet sister”.
Other functions include stimulation of appetite, sensing of intruders of cats and other animal and avoiding bad smells.
If cats were humans, they would be using their noses to affix signature on documents. This is quite incredible. Their nose prints which differ from every cat somewhat explains this. This is how the anatomy of the cat’s nose looks.
The colourful nose pattern is such an irresistible piece of art that God made. The nose has a mosaic alignment to the cats color. They blend beautifully. For instance a white cat has a pink nose and an orange cat an orange nose.  Another obscene person badly commended about the physical look. All and sundry complained, but they could not resists that the nose looks like the external of a human pussy. It is for this and more that it still waits to be noted that the cat can be the first animal to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

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