Employment Opportunity at TISPA- General Manager

Job Summary;

Job title; General Manager


Location; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Job type; Full-Time


  • Minimum education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree (preferably in Telecommunication, Engineering, Computer Science ICT or related) MBA would be helpful
  • Experience: At least 3-5 years in Management / Operations in Telecom/Internet/ICT industry


  1. To assist the association in providing a non-profit forum through which all members’ (ISP)’s issues are addressed as a common interest and interface with the industry stake holders including the regulator.
  2. To act as the main person on behalf of the association to establish and manage Internet Exchange Points (IXP) across the country and other internet infrastructure of common interest for all ISPs and end users
  3. Implement measures and initiatives aimed at increasing and expanding access to internet services, especially in uneconomic areas, by alleviating problems and constraints hindering provision of internet services and other economic problems facing the Internet Service Providers in the country.
  4. To act as the central coordinating body for the association.
  5. To attend meetings and speak on behalf of the association.
  6. To supervise and work with the secretariat to ensure smooth operation of the association.
  7. To be on the lookout for any issues going on in the sector and alert the EC for action.
  8. To carry forward the objectives of the association.
  9. To ensure the TISPA name is wide-spread and to build it credibility as a representative and all-inclusive association.
  10. To ensure that TISPA remains a strong lobbying force for the association.
  11. To regularly update and report to the Executive Committee (EC) and the AGM.
  12. To maintain the PR function, including newsletters and active website as well as mailing list.
  13. As an association, to raise public awareness in matters relating to usage of internet including but not limited to, projects which are funded by donor countries and the Government of Tanzania.
  14. To organize exhibitions, training, seminars, symposium, conferences and interaction with Government, political leaders, members, and the general society in order to participate in internet access.
  15. To cooperate and liaise with organizations having similar objectives locally, regionally and internationally.
  16. To support, encourage, foster, promote by expertise and facilitate education and training on internet access.
  17. Participate in national policy improvements, legal and regulatory enhancements and other charitable activities in line with the stated goals and functions.
  18. Ensure all KPIs set by the Executive Committee, TISPA Members or the secretariat, are met without fail and to put in all efforts to move projects and tasks forward.
  19. Ensure TIX is managed, maintained, monitored and running at all times. Any resources required are available at all times.
  20. To report to the Executive Committee and the secretariat.
  21. Other duties and responsibilities shall be assigned on time to time by office bearers.

How to Apply;

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