Colombia Approves Three-Man Marriage


Columbia went viral this week after becoming the first country in the world to allow polygamy marriage of 3 man. Like  Columbia legalize this marriage after last year approve same sex marriage after many western countries propose it.

One man already get marriage with two gays and he say that he and his two partners, sports instructor John Alejandro Rodriguez and journalist Manuel Jose Bermudez, signed legal papers with a solicitor in the city of Medellin, establishing them as a family unit with inheritance rights.

“This establishes us as a family, a polyamorous family. It is the first time in Colombia that has been done.”

Lawyer and gay rights activist German Rincon Perfetti said there are many three-person unions in Colombia but this was the first one to be legally recognised.

“It is a recognition that other types of family exist,” he told AFP.

A ruling by the constitutional court in April 2016 made Colombia the fourth South American country to definitively legalise same-sex marriage, after Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

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