All you should know about your dog’s nose

There is something alluring about a dog’s nose. They jog us with it when they want attention or when they want our love or care. They wobble it in the air when the smell of our food reaches their nose, perhaps it’s the way they use it.
I’ll share my personal experience that when my dog goes out for a morning walk with my dad, I use to cook some delicious treat for him and it’s now his ritual that as soon as he comes home the first thing he likes to do is to smell my fingers so as to know that what treat he’s going to have.
Humans sense of smell is powerful but a dog’s sense of smell is way more powerful, it’s 10000 to 100000 times more critical than of humans and due to their sniffing capabilities, a dog can learn so much about their surroundings, environment and the whole world around them via aroma.
A dog’s sniffing/smelling capabilities can help them to know or gather information about other dog’s too like their gender, emotions, diet, reproductive status etc. It’s even said that a dog can smell one rotten apple among some 200 barrels and even a tea-spoon of sugar in 200 barrels of water. Dog’s use their sniffing capabilities against humans also to know more about them.
A dog’s nose can be wet sometimes. It’s because a dog’s nose naturally bring out a thin coating of mucous which helps to mop up scent chemicals which eventually allow them to smell better. It can be parts of genetics also like some breed of dogs naturally have wetter noses than the rest of the breeds. A wet nose can also help in regulating a dog’s body temperature, this means that dog’s don’t sweat like humans do to cool down their body temperature so dogs do so by secrete sweat through the nose and pads of the paws.
Likewise, some breeds of dogs have dry noses than others. It’s because of dehydration, lack of sleep, sleeping near a hot or warm source, sunburn and some allergic reactions to some materials like plastic food bowl, some household items or some allergic items. But if you are worried or if the nose seems too much dry, then you can try dabbing some petroleum jelly or maybe try some commercial nose moisturizer but don’t use in excess quantity as dogs will make it their habit instead of licking it off.
There is this term known as snow nose or winter nose. It’s nothing but just a term used to describe mislaying of pigmentation in a dog’s nose. This means a dark colored dog’s nose will turn pink or will be lighten and sometimes even the edges remain light colored because of the pigmentation that took place only in the center of a dog’s nose. By the name, it’s very obvious that this thing occurs in winter season, returning back to its normal color once the season is over.

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