8 Things You Should About Siamese Cats


1. They have blue eyes
Siamese cats are also called blue-eyed beauties. However, those blue eyes are not by chance. As there is a gene responsible for their coat pattern, their eyes are also affected by that gene and get the amount of pigment in their eyes. The result is pale blue eyes and this breed is known mostly for this feature.
2.They are not shy
These species are not shy at all. They express their feelings easily and their voice is very impressive. Each of their meow expresses a specific need. So, if you are looking for a chatty kitten, then this species is ideal for you.
3. Siamese cats love attention
Being alone is not for them. They feel depressed because of that and hate when they are left without any attention. Following you around your home is their favorite thing to do. If you have kids, don’t worry, Siamese cats are great family pets and get along with children very well.
4. A newborn kitten is white
When Siamese cats enter this world their coat is only white. The distinctive markings began to appear only after 4 weeks of age. Due to the very gene point markings are left making these cats even more beautiful.
5. No issue with hearing
These blue eyed cats have never had any issues regarding hearing. Only their blue eyes can make it difficult for them to have vision at night, so that’s why they are dependent on humans. Due to proper breeding methods the once cross-eyed look is now very rare.
6. They are smart
You can train a Siamese cat very easily. Due to their intelligence they can even enjoy your training. You can teach them to fetch and retrieve, do tricks and walk on a harness. So, if you own a Siamese cat, you can consider yourself a lucky person.
7. There can occur health problems
The modern head shape of this species may lead to more respiratory and dental problems. Other health issue may include bladder stones, amyloidosis, eye disease like glaucoma, heart problems and cancer. Adult females may weigh up to 6 pounds, males up to 7 pounds. Their average lifespan is from 11 to 15 years.
8. Siamese cats are of 2 types
This breed consists of two types including show or traditional Siamese cats. Show types have long bodies and long tails. Their heads are wedge-shaped and they have triangular ears.
But traditional Siamese cats have chunkier bodies and their heads are rounded and they may even be called ‘apple-headed Siamese’. However, both types of cats have bright blue eyes. 

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