10 Things You Didn’t Know About Persian Cats

Persian Cats have been love and a house pet for many years now. Most of them are simply beloved and here are some not so commonly known facts about this beautiful breed of cat.
1. Not all are flat-faced
This day’s cats are also being cross breed with different kind of cats so some cats are not purely Persian breed cats anymore. Some people would like certain color or traits of the Persian cat but not the whole totally of them so they just breed them with others. Some do turn out to be okay while some others don’t.
2. They don’t like kids much
They do not like party or to loud noise in the house too. If you have children in your house, you may want to reconsider getting a Persian cat. They are known to enjoy peace and quiet. Loud noises and sounds from music irritate them so much that they do sometimes walk out of the scene as a sign of irritation or annoyed. If the kids respect and love them they should get along just fine.
3. Your Curtains are safe 
This type of lazy cat is not your average type for adventure purposes like when you go for a vacation of an out of town trips. What they want is a relaxing life just snoozing around and sleeping around but because of their cute faces that is why they are beloved pets in the whole world. 4. Beauty Rest. Like humans they tend to be very lazy and very inactive for such a long time in fact whole day they can just spend sleeping or slouching on their bed doing nothing. These cats are happy being inactive for long periods of time just because they are lazy and loves to doze off
5. Fluff
Grooming is something you must get used to with these cats. Many owners shave their hair short to avoid having to brush them daily. Their hair is just like in humans wherein they tend to grow very long in such a short period. Very long hair is not even good at them because that can be a health problem too.
6. They’re Beloved in America
The Persian is the most popular breed of pedigree cats in the United States because of their laid-back style and lazy attitude that for some is adorable. 7. 1620. The year the first documented ancestors of the Persian were imported into Europe from Iran (Persia). It is also widely known that the Persian cats are thought to be some sort of god for them.
8. Doll Face Persia
It is the traditional name of a Persian cat because of their extreme features. Today is commonly known as the flat face cat.
9. Siamese
During the 1950 the Siamese was crossed with the Persian to create a breed with the body type of the Persian but color point pattern of the Siamese. It is describing to have a brown face and ears but the dominant color of the body is white.
10. Exotic Short hair
One of the famous type of breed for cat is the exotic one because they are not typical Persian cat with long hair.

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